The Maths Hubs Network and the NCETM share a vision for maths education in England

Providing strategic national leadership for maths education

About Sussex Maths Hub

The Sussex Maths Hub is one of a network of 40 Maths Hubs in England, working together within the Maths Hubs Programme, which began in 2014. The programme is funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). To find out more about the Maths Hubs Programmes, visit

Our Maths Hub, led by St Paul’s Catholic College in Burgess Hill, works with various stakeholders in Sussex to improve maths teaching and learning. Stakeholders include: schools (nursery/primary/secondary/post-16), teaching schools, universities and maths organisations. Our reach is across three local authority areas: West Sussex, Brighton and Hove, and East Sussex, but we work sub-regionally with a strategic vision to support the county region of Sussex more broadly. The Sussex Maths Hub is open to all schools and colleges.

The Maths Hubs Network and the NCETM share a vision for maths education in England in which:


continue to study in mathematics until 18, mastering mathematical knowledge and skills throughout their education. They develop as confident learners, with a positive attitude to the subject, who appreciate the importance of mathematics as a generic and transferable life skill.


of mathematics have developed the specialist knowledge and practice needed to teach the subject at the highest level. They are committed to their own ongoing professional development and are part of strong professional learning communities.

Schools and Colleges

have strong leadership for maths education, which establishes a positive culture towards mathematics amongst all staff, pupils and parents. Throughout each stage of education they provide a high quality mathematics curriculum for all pupils.

Our Mission

The mission of the Maths Hubs Network is to lead transformation in maths education by ensuring there is effective support for schools and colleges in England to develop and improve mathematics teaching, leadership, and professional learning practice so that this vision for maths education is realised.

In order to fulfil this mission, the Maths Hubs Network:

  • work together as a collaborative national network to provide strategic national leadership for maths education
  • work with schools and colleges to support them in transforming their mathematics teaching, leadership and professional learning practices
  • enable teachers of mathematics to work and learn together within and across schools and colleges
  • identify, nurture and harness local leadership of mathematics for the benefit of all schools
  • develop working partnerships with leading schools and school groupings in order to extend the reach and impact of their work
  • are open to working with any of the schools and colleges within their area and seek to understand the needs within those schools and colleges
  • are transparent and accountable to the schools and colleges that they serve
  • draw upon appropriate specialist expertise, whether in schools or beyond
  • engage with and contribute to local, national and international evidence about maths education
  • are led by excellent schools or colleges which exemplify the vision for maths education

Maths Hubs Programme – The first five years

The core purpose of Maths Hubs is to enable schools and colleges to lead improvement in mathematics education in England.

This video explores the work and achievements of the Maths Hub programme over our first five years.

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