Newsletter Autumn 2021

Newsletter Autumn 2021

Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter 2021


 Hello again!

Welcome back for 2021/22

There are lots of exciting things happening across the
Hub, with a wide range of CPD available right through
from Early Years to Post 16.

This year our programmes will be blended combining
both online and face to face meetings.


  1. Welcome back – Introducing
    our new Maths Hub Team
  2. What’s happening in 2021/2022:
    • Projects and Work Groups Overview
    • Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development
    • Secondary Non Specialist Teacher Programme
  3. Webinar: Steering the Ship Towards the ‘Golden Thread’ – Collaborative Planning using the latest Curriculum Prioritisation materials from the NCETM

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    WEBINAR: Steering the ship towards the ‘Golden Thread’

    WEBINAR: Steering the ship towards the ‘Golden Thread’

    “Steering the ship towards the ‘Golden Thread’”

    Collaborative Planning using the latest Curriculum Prioritisation materials from the NCETM

    On Monday 13th September Kate Mole (London SW) joined the team from Sussex and Matrix Maths Hubs as guest speaker to share her insights into how to best navigate the new curriculum prioritisation and materials from the NCETM.


    WEBINAR: Using Mathematical Tools to develop number sense

    WEBINAR: Using Mathematical Tools to develop number sense

    Learning to think mathematically:

    How to launch the Rekenrek to support number sense in your own school

    The Rekenrek is a tool that was created in the Netherlands and has been translated to be called an ‘arithmetic rack’ or ‘calculating frame’. It is a unique tool that allows children to develop number sense and we are very excited about its potential, particularly at the current time. There are free virtual versions of this tool that schools can use for interactive whole class or group teaching and it will complement schools’ current use of representations and structures such as tens frames, Cuisenaire rods and Numicon.

    Our own team has first-hand experience of launching the Rekenrek in our own schools and we have seen the positive impact it is already having on our own pupils’ confidence with fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We will be discussing how you too can approach a planned and progressive roll out for the Rekenrek in your school to support fluency and Teaching for Mastery, should you wish to.



    WEBINAR: Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 Transition

    WEBINAR: Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 Transition

    What does ‘Secondary Ready’ look like post-lockdown?

    How can we most effectively work together in 2021 in the best interest of children?

    Are you a teacher in KS2 or a maths teacher or department lead in KS3? Are you interested in teaching for mastery and delving deeper into the curriculum implications of the latest lockdown? Would you like to be part of the conversation about how we should prioritise the curriculum in 2021-22 in order to best prepare pupils in upper KS2 for secondary school success? Are you interested in working with teachers in both KS2 and KS3 to focus on pedagogy in mathematics teaching and learning?




    Deb Friis is  a secondary maths teacher and research associate at Durrington High School in Sussex, as well as an Assistant Maths Hub Lead, co-leading our Secondary Mastery Programme here at Sussex Maths Hub.

    Recently, Deb led a session on Mastery in Mathematics for PGCE and SDT trainees at the University of Brighton.

    James Kendrick: Senior Lecturer – Mathematics Education at the University of Brighton, had this to say about the experience.

    “We recently invited Deb Friis from the Sussex Maths Hub to deliver a remote session on Mastery in Mathematics teaching to our PGCE and SDT trainees. At this point, in a normal year, trainees are between their two school placements, and it is an excellent time for them to reflect on what they have learnt about maths teaching, and to begin to explore in more detail what good quality maths teaching is.

    Although the trainees have already encountered many of the ideas around Mastery and Research Informed teaching, it was brilliant for them to be able to see how these ideas and practices are shared across the profession through the work of Maths Hubs. Having this delivered by someone who works in a Research School alongside working with a Maths Hub demonstrated to them how dynamic a profession teaching is – with its continuous improvement and research informed practice. This made the session very relevant to them at their point in training, but also created a genuine sense of excitement that they were entering such a dynamic community and that they would have opportunities to continue to develop their own practice and understanding.

    The session was really well prepared, and was delivered online using Desmos, with some self-study in the morning followed by a live online component in the afternoon. The move to online delivery has been a very steep learning curve for everyone, but the way Deb ran it demonstrated how effective this model of delivery can be.

    The trainees really enjoyed the session and have fed back to me how valuable it was to them at this point in their training, giving them a lot of practical resources and ways to improve their teaching. Deb handled all of their questions really well, demonstrating the breadth and depth of her knowledge in a clear and concise way. This was an excellent advert for the important work that Maths Hubs do to disseminate research informed practice, allow teachers to share their experiences, and encourage everyone to continue to evolve their teaching through collaboration.

    My thanks to Deb for giving up her time in these busy and difficult circumstances, and we hope to continue to build on this in the future.”


    WEBINAR: Teaching Primary maths Remotely – Session 2 – Reasoning and Problem Solving

    WEBINAR: Teaching Primary maths Remotely – Session 2 – Reasoning and Problem Solving

    Building Reasoning and Problem – Solving into Remote Learning

    Guest host Gareth Metcalfe, the highly regarded mathematician, author of the fantastic ‘I See Reasoning’ and ‘I See Problem Solving’ e-books, and creator of the inspirational website ‘I See Maths’.