Early Years Work Group 2020


Coldean Primary School
12 Kenwards
(except ‘Open Classroom’)


10 March
28 April
19 May (‘Open Classroom’)
2 June



09:30 to 15:00
(except ‘Open Classroom’)



Supporting Effective Transition from Reception to Year 1

Many schools are adopting a teaching for mastery approach in mathematics. The starting point for a school is usually Year 1 and then thought is given as to how the approach is built across KS1 and KS2. Schools naturally want to consider the teaching of mathematics in Reception and how the transition to Year 1 can best support children’s learning.

The Work Groups in this project will start by exploring best practice in Early Years and how the principles might build a secure foundation in mathematics for transition into a teaching for mastery approach in Year 1. It will consider the curriculum – what children need to know and understand; approaches to planning and the inclusion of all children; and appropriate resources and contexts for effective learning.

Ness Fadden and Sarah Chandler are leading this Work Group at Coldean Primary School in Brighton, and the dates/times of the meetings are as follows:

  • Tuesday 10 March (9:30am-3:00pm)
  • Tuesday 28 April (9:30am-3:00pm)
  • Tuesday 19 May (9:30am, morning only): ‘Open Classroom’ at Heene Primary School, Worthing
  • Tuesday 2 June (9:30am-3:00pm)

This opportunity is for SEVEN SCHOOLS from Sussex, with TWO TEACHERS from each school participating in the project. Once a school has decided which two teachers would like to attend, each teacher should book their place separately.