Improving Maths at KS2 and KS3




Wednesday 24 February



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This course is run by Durrington Research School in conjunction with Sussex Maths Hub and will also draw upon work done by the NCETM and the Maths Hub Programme.

This three-day programme, led by Deb Friis, will explore the 8 recommendations from the EEF Guidance Report for KS2 and KS3 Mathematics and look at how these can be implemented.

With the change in emphasis in maths over recent years towards deepening understanding and solving problems, this course looks in detail at the recommendations set out by the EEF.

Delegates will begin by discussing current beliefs about mathematics and the research background for the guidelines. They will then explore how teaching can be tweaked to turn our students into mathematicians able to cope with the new demands of the curriculum.

Each of the recommendations will be worked through in turn with the help of visiting NCETM Specialist guest speakers, and practical applications in the classroom will be explored. Delegates will look at how these can be introduced to other members of their maths teaching teams. Finally, implementation strategies will be discussed and each delegate will come up with an action plan for their own setting.

This is an online course made up of 9 2-hour modules. The Target Audience: is Primary Maths Leads with responsibility for KS2, and Teachers of Maths at KS3.


S: 24th Feb, 3:30 – 5:30: Introduction

A: 3rd March: Self-Assessment and Evidence review

S: 16th March, 09:00 11:00: Key Stage 2 to 3 transition (recommendation 8)

S: 26th April, 3.30 – 5.30 Addressing Misconceptions (recommendations 1,6)

A: 4th May: Memory – Task design and multiple representations (recommendations. 2,4)

S: 26th May, 2.00 -4.00: Use of manipulatives (recommendations. 2,4)

A: 9th June: Intro to implementation

S: 30th June, 3.00 -5.00: Problem solving (recommendations. 3,4,5)

S: 5th July, 10:00 -12:00: Effective delivery, monitoring and evaluation


‘A’ = asynchronous sessions (the date is when the materials will be released).

‘S’ = synchronous sessions (the date is when the live session will be hosted).

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