Teaching for Mastery

This is a voluntary programme in which primary teachers and schools receive training, support and resources to help them experience, experiment with, and implement teaching for mastery approaches in maths lessons, and to develop leadership and professional learning approaches that support teachers and pupils in this pursuit.

The purpose of this programme is to create a cadre of Mastery Specialist primary teachers, expert in their own classrooms and in supporting colleagues in their own and other schools. Mastery Specialists disseminate Teaching for Mastery (TfM) to six or seven local primary schools by leading Teacher Research Groups (TRGs). The networks formed provide professional development and specialist support to schools, enabling the introduction of TfM in a sustainable way.

The TfM programme gives financial support to participant schools to help them buy high quality textbooks consistent with TfM, as well as new materials and resources to help teachers implement various elements of TfM within their school. In addition, a teacher exchange programme between English schools and counterparts in Shanghai is offered.

By the summer of 2023, more than 10,000 primary schools will receive training and develop practice in this way.

We are currently welcoming applications from schools wishing to get involved in this programme in 2019-2020.

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