Mastery Readiness

This project will develop consistent approaches to vital skills and practices for schools not yet in a position to access the main teaching for mastery programme. Participant schools will access 5 free workshops and regular high quality bespoke support from a trained Mastery Readiness Lead – they will then get priority to participate in teaching for mastery Work Groups in Autumn 2019, complete with the associated funding.

This is a very important strand of our work this year. The Sussex Maths Hub have supported a number of school improvement initiatives from Strategic School Improvement projects to brokering experts to support individual schools. The relationship between mastery and school improvement is the focus for this project.

The Sussex Maths Hub appointed Miriam Rhine to lead this project and this year we are looking for schools particularly in the Lewes, Adur and Crawley regions of Sussex to take part in a  Teacher Research Group in ‘test and learn’ activities to prepare the schools to take part in the mastery programme in 2019/20.

For more information please contact the project lead:

Mastery Readiness
Work Group

St. Paul’s Catholic College,
Jane Murray Way,
Burgess Hill RH15 8GA

Friday 1 February
Wednesday 20 March
Wednesday 8 May
Wednesday 26 June

09:00 – 12:00