Planning for Greater Depth (Primary TfM Focused Issue)

This project will consider how teachers can provide opportunities for all children to work at a ‘greater depth’ within the teaching for mastery context. Work Groups will focus on developing teachers’ understanding of how to facilitate activities and questions to ensure that there is sufficient challenge for children when they are ready for it.

In Sussex this is a small project involving eight teachers in four schools who are working together as a Teacher Research Group to reflect on their current practice and clarifying their understanding of what ‘Greater Depth’ means through reflective practice in their own schools and collaborative planning to design activities that support ‘Greater Depth’. Each school will review its own practice and then change practice to improve pedagogical outcomes for children challenging them to work at ‘Greater Depth’.

The Project reflections will be shared at a national level and we hope to invite new schools into the project in 2019/20.

For more information please contact the project leads: