Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter 2020


Welcome to the start of another very different looking term!

There have been a lot of changes in schools for the start of 2020/2021, and Sussex Maths Hub are here to support our teachers and colleagues as much as we can.

New Year, New Look!

It’s not just our schools that look different! Over the summer both Maths Hubs and the NCETM have had a makeover!


  • Welcome back – Introducing our new Mastery Team
  • Covid-19 Recovery – our Teaching for Mastery plan for the year ahead
  • What’s happening in 2020/2021:
    • Projects and Work Groups
    • Research and Innovation
    • Webinars

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The Challenge

The school year 2020/21 will be substantially affected by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The knock-on effects on school life and teachers’ working lives can’t be predicted with any certainty. Staffing issues may continue into the Autumn term, making it more difficult for schools to find cover and release teachers for training. In addition to this, many students will have been out of school for several months, and teachers will need to adapt to address the gaps in their learning.

How can maths hub help?

All Maths Hubs work will be flexible and adaptable to changing realities. Our Work Groups this year focus on how to Teach for Mastery in a recovery climate. We will look at blended learning models to ensure pupils catch up, keep up and make progresswith key resources for curriculum recovery.

There’s likely to be more live online collaboration, utilising technology such as video conferencing. In addition, Work Group content will be adjusted to address schools’ recovery from coronavirus-related disruption alongside work on the central maths subject matter of each project. First meetings will likely take place around October time, with face-to-face meetings expected to start in January 2021.

Our Mastery Specialists will work with your school, supporting the individual needs of your school and students.