Supporting Post-16 GCSE Resit


Premier Inn


Thursday 27 February
Friday 20 March
Monday 15 June



09:30 to 15:00



This project aims to explore effective ways of teaching key content of the new GCSE to resit students. Working collaboratively, teachers of resit groups from FE and schools will develop and share effective ways to approach the new GCSE, with a focus on issues particularly affecting this sector such as: student confidence and motivation, condensed timeframe, and large student numbers.

Shirley Tonge (Professional Learning Coach (Maths), GCSE Maths Development Lead, Innovation Project Leader Functional Skills Maths, NCETM Professional Development Lead (FE)) from Chichester College is leading this Work Group, and the dates/times of the meetings are as follows:


  • Meeting 1: Thursday 27 February (9:30am – 3:00pm)
    How do you deliver resits and what are the issues?
    Sharing experiences.
    Exploring Proportional Reasoning.


  • Meeting 2: Friday 20 March (9:30am – 3:00pm)
    Theory into practice.
    How can research help us in the resit classroom?


  • Meeting 3: Monday 15 June (9:30am – 3:00pm)
    Different approach – different outcomes?
    What will you do differently next year?


Attendance is FREE and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

This opportunity is open to 10 teachers from all schools and colleges across Sussex.