PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programme


If you have existing experience as a leader of professional development and wish to develop further in this role, this PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programme is for you. Your prior experience could be within your own setting /organisation or more widely, including work with your local hub.  Experience and an ongoing commitment to lead professional development for teachers of maths is an essential requirement for recruitment to the programme.  We welcome applications for Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Post 16 PD Leads.

The PD Lead Programme is fully funded by the Maths Hub Network

If you are selected, Sussex Maths Hub will sponsor you for:

  • attending the local sessions (equivalent to 3 full days)
  • online and email coaching and tutoring from the Cohort Leads throughout the duration of the
  • all administration involved in subsequent accreditation.

Upon successful completion of the PD Lead Programme, the Maths Hub will offer a grant of £800 to your school.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 17:00 on 20 May 2022.