WEBINAR: Using Mathematical Tools to develop number sense



Monday 26 April



16:00 to 17:00



Using Mathematical Tools to develop number sense

This is a FREE WEBINAR, led by guest speaker Amy How, and supported by the Sussex Maths Hub Primary team.

Our Webinars are designed to help you further develop your knowledge for teaching mathematics. They do this in a number of ways, sometimes modelling the use of textbooks, schemes of work, and resources.

Our next Webinar will be led by Amy How, a leading practitioner in modelling how to effectively use the Rekenrek. This mathematical tool was created in the Netherlands and translates into “counting rack”; however it has so many more uses. It is a unique tool, famed for being versatile and visual, that allows children to develop solid number sense and look at multiple methods for addition, subtraction, and beyond. Amy will be demonstrating how you may wish to use the Rekenrek in your own classroom.

We very much hope that you and your colleagues will be able to join us for the Webinar!

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A follow up session to further explore using the Rekenrek, will take place on May 10th at 4pm -5pm. More information will be sent out nearer the time.

Please note that we are not recommending what your school should invest in; this is wholly a decision for you and your schools. The Maths Hubs remain neutral in this area.