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Join the waitlist for 2024/25


Location is TBC

Subject Knowledge - Secondary Teaching Assistants

Join the waitlist for the 2024/25 Programme This is a new programme to support teaching assistants develop the specialist knowledge for working within the maths classroom. This programme will run online over 4 sessions.

Subject Knowledge - Secondary Teaching Assistants
Subject Knowledge - Secondary Teaching Assistants

Time & Location

Join the waitlist for 2024/25

Location is TBC

About the Event

Join the Waitlist for our 24/25 Programme


This is for teaching assistants who work predominantly with students in the KS3 maths classroom or who lead intervention sessions with groups of students. Participants’ schools should already be engaged with a Teaching for Mastery Work Group, and this programme will complement this provision.


This programme is designed to improve the subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge for all TAs supporting the learning of secondary maths.

Participants will focus on using precise mathematical language, representations, and reasoning within the topics: addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; ratio; and fractions. They will also carry out follow-up tasks in school to enable practice transfer to the classroom. The programme will take place over the equivalent of four days; participants must attend all sessions.


  • Your students will demonstrate a positive attitude towards the learning of maths
  • You will use appropriate mathematical language and representations with confidence
  • You will develop your understanding of how to adapt resources to meet students’ needs
  • You will develop an understanding of how algebra relates to the generalisation of number


The SKTM Secondary Teaching Assistants Programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

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