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WEBINAR: Using Mathematical Tools to develop number sense

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Learning to think mathematically:

How to launch the Rekenrek to support number sense in your own school


The Rekenrek is a tool that was created in the Netherlands and has been translated to be called an ‘arithmetic rack’ or ‘calculating frame’. It is a unique tool that allows children to develop number sense and we are very excited about its potential, particularly at the current time. There are free virtual versions of this tool that schools can use for interactive whole class or group teaching and it will complement schools’ current use of representations and structures such as tens frames, Cuisenaire rods and Numicon.

Our own team has first-hand experience of launching the Rekenrek in our own schools and we have seen the positive impact it is already having on our own pupils’ confidence with fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We will be discussing how you too can approach a planned and progressive roll out for the Rekenrek in your school to support fluency and Teaching for Mastery, should you wish to.

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